South Seattle Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning process is underway in the South Seattle Deanery.  The goal is to strengthen the local Catholic community and balance available resources across the archdiocese to better serve the mission of the Church.

Parishes with New Directions

These five parishes were given a new proposed direction in April 2021. Currently their Stakeholder groups, supported by the Archdiocese Strategic Planning team, are working through the planning process.

St. Patrick Seattle82_F2

St. Patrick

The new proposed direction for St. Patrick is to either merge with Sacred Heart parish, where there is pastor who is fluent in American Sign Language, merge with St. Joseph parish, or divide between both parishes. St. Patrick parishioners will collaborate and provide input to the process to decide the best direction moving forward. 

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St. Therese Seattle85_F2

St. Therese

The proposed changes affecting St. Therese are two-fold. First, St. Mary’s parish will merge with St. Therese. Then, St. Therese will be re-envisioning itself as a parish to enhance its vitality and mission effectiveness, according to the vision articulated by the Holy Father, so that it can effectively minister to the broader needs of all people living in its boundaries.

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St. Mary Seattle81_F2

St. Mary

The proposed direction for St. Mary parish is to merge with St. Therese parish. During this time, the parishioners of St. Mary and St. Therese parishes will participate in the planning process. They will collaborate to set the vision for the critical Food Bank outreach, which has been serving the community since 1949.

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Immaculate Conception Seattle71_F2

Immaculate Conception

In partnership with the Archdiocese, Immaculate Conception will be re-envisioning itself as a parish driven by the vision articulated by our Holy Father, Pope Francis. Immaculate Conception will work to enhance its vitality and mission effectiveness, so that it may effectively minister to the surrounding community and beyond.

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Our Lady of Mount Virgin Seattle74_F2

Our Lady of Mount Virgin

Our Lady of Mount Virgin, which was established to serve immigrant communities, and currently serves a diverse multicultural community of Vietnamese, Chinese and Laotian parishioners, will be closed. Its Stakeholders will work with the Archdiocese to ensure parishioners will be welcomed by other parishes offering multi-cultural ministries.

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