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The Stewardship Message

Everything we have is a gift from God and we’re called to share these gifts with others. Stewardship is our response to God’s generosity. Stewardship starts in your parish. Please prayerfully reflect on what God has given you and what you can give back in return.

Use this form to make a pledge only. Your parish (selected from the drop-down screen) will be notified of your pledge. Please consider “Taking a Step In Your Pledge” today.

In gratitude for my blessings, I will prayerfully consider:

  • I pledged last year and will increase my pledge this year
  • I consider my current electronic gift as a recurring pledge and will increase it this year
  • I pledged last year, and pledge to give the same amount this year, but will prayerfully consider an increase
  • I am not currently giving, but will pledge this year to give $10 a week (or $40 per month)
Click here to see Archbishop’s Etienne message on the Spirituality of Stewardship.