Learning & Implementation

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Update (September 2022)

Pilot Parishes are in twice-weekly software training and the first migration of data has been loaded.

Throughout July and August, the pilot parishes and the Archdiocese participated in twice-weekly trainings with ParishStaq coaches. There was follow-up work for each session and some time in the sandbox (a testing environment separate from the live environment.)

The first migration of data from each pilot has been uploaded to the ParishStaq database which will be reviewed in the coming days. The migration of data uses a phased approach--the first data from the pilots included personal profile information and contributions. Future phases will migrate sacraments, ministry involvement, etc.

This phased approach of migration allows sites to begin using portions of the database very early in their wave, thereby increasing learning opportunities and assistance from the Implementation Team and the ParishStaq coaches.

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Please contact your designated Implementation Team member or send a message to us via the team email.