National Eucharistic Revival

The National Eucharistic Revival is a movement in the United States to restore understanding and devotion to the Real Presence in the Eucharist. It was launched by the USCCB on June 19, 2022 and will conclude on the feast of Pentecost on July 21, 2025.

Local participation

The Archdiocese of Seattle is uniting with our brothers and sisters around the United States to participate in this revival and renew our devotion to the Eucharist. Explore this page and check back to learn how the archdiocese is participating.

Learn more about the National Eucharistic Revival from the USCCB:

National Eucharist Revival home page


Eucharist Pastoral Letter

Archbishop Etienne was thinking ahead when he called the Year of the Eucharist in 2020/2021.  

Read Archbishop Etienne’s pastoral letter

As part of the Year of the Eucharist, Archbishop Etienne filmed this video about the Eucharist.  Click the play button to watch.

What you can do

  1. Ask Jesus how you can renew your devotion to the Eucharist.
  2. Spend some time with Jesus each week in Adoration.
  3. Watch “Presence” on, which explores Christ’s real presence in the Eucharist.  Most parishes offer free subscriptions to parishioners.
  4. Explore the Come and Be Fed page which features conversations with Archbishop Etienne and local young adults on the Eucharist.
Carol Loya is pictured at Holy Family Church in Kirkland, Washington Thursday January 16, 2014. (PHOTO by Stephen Brashear) Adoration, Chapel, Monstrance, Tabernacle, prayer

Learn more about the Eucharist in the Archdiocese of Seattle